ERAFORUM 2012  “The European Public Sphere seen from the Perspectives of Diversity and Transnationalism”

Time: 22 June 2012, 15.15-16.30

Place: Hotel Bloom Brussels

Registration: by e-mail to

EUROSPHERE invites to its ERAFORUM 2012, which aims to bring together representatives of both ongoing  and concluded European research projects. We aim to discuss the implications of EUROSPHERE’s findings for the notion of public sphere and for further research. Although the themes of diversity and transnationalism are implied by the concept of “European public sphere”, these perspectives have seldom been the main foci of large-scale comparative research combining both the societal and policy aspects of the theme. This is exactly what Eurosphere did. What are the impacts of European transnationalization and diversification processes on our notion of European public sphere? The discussions are planned as a roundtable with the participation of representatives of European projects, Eurosphere reseachers, and the European Commission’s DG Research. The point of departure for the discussion will be EUROSPHERE’s findings concerning the impact of diversity and elite-transnationalism on the structuring of the European public sphere. The audience will have ample opportunities to take part in the discussion.

Moderator: Peter A. Kraus, EUROSPHERE, University of Helsinki

Speakers & Discussants:

John Erik Fossum, RECON, Arena Centre for European Studies, Univ. of Oslo

Jostein Gripsrud, DIGICULT, Dep. of Information Science and Media Studies, U. Bergen

Engin Isin, OECUMENE and ENACT, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University

Angela Liberatore, DG Research, The European Commission

Philip Schlesinger, CIDEL, Centre for Cultural Policy Research, Univ. of Glasgow

Birte Siim, EUROSPHERE, Dep. of Culture and Global Studies, Univ. of Aalborg

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