About Eurosphere

The EUROSPHERE Consortium comprises 17 European universities and research institutes and approximately 150 researchers work in the project’s different parts and phases. The project is coordinated by the University of Bergen.

The main objective of EUROSPHERE is to create innovative perspectives on the European public spheres and to identify the conditions that enable or undermine the articulation of inclusive European Public Spheres. Towards this objective, EUROSPHERE:

  • examines the factors that are challenging the fabric of European democracy
  • identifies options relevant to optimizing citizens’ involvement in the European democratic processes
  • assesses different strategies for strengthening of its inclusive democratic, plural institutions

The research plan comprises synchronized data collection and analysis activities in 16 countries as well as creation of a Eurosphere Knowledgebase. In addition to regular research and academic dissemination activities, EUROSPHERE organizes several large-scale conferences, European Forums, researcher training and PhD courses.

The project started 1 February 2007 and will be completed by 31 January 2012.

EU-funding contributes EUR 4 million to the project.

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