The different decision making levels in EUROSPHERE comprise:

  • The General Assembly (GA)
  • The Executive Steering Committee (STEERCOM)
  • The Coordinator’s executive office (COROFF)
  • Leaders of Work Packages (WPLead) and of Task Bords for horizontal issues (TBLead)
  • Members of workpackages and task boards

The management activities comprise:

Scientific management includes management of scientific work, scientific deliverables, review and assessment, and scientific risk including ethical aspects of research. The Consortium institutes an Executive Steering Committee of partners (STEERCOM) for steering and monitoring of the project and its workflow and the EUROSPHERE Coordinator’s Office (COROFF) located at the Coordinating institution UiB for the executive coordination of the project. In each workpackage, there are two co-leaders. These co-leaders are responsible for and have been allocated funds for research efforts concerning quality-check, review, and assessment of the research work conducted by the WP-participants. The University of Bergen has the overall scientific management responsibility for EUROSPHERE.

Administrative Management consists of management of consortium agreement and possible amendments of it and the Contract with the European Commission, financial management, communication and reporting, management of administrative and financial risks. This will be organized at The Coordinator’s Office (UiB) in close collaboration with partner institutions administrative units and the scientific management of the project. The University of Bergen has the overall administrative management responsibility for EUROSPHERE.

Management of Horizontal Issues comprising the (1) Development of common research tools and overarching ethical aspects; (2) Knowledge Management including dissemination, exploitation and strategies for protection of intellectual property rights; (3) Management of research training, researcher mobility program, equity issues including gender aspects related to women in research. These management activities are organized through Task Boards and Workpackages.

Management of Risk is performed throughout all above management activities above by the University of Bergen, the Executive Steering Committee, and the workpackage leaders.

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