The project will devise and publish The Eurosphere Knowledgebase. It will contain analyzable data and Eurosphere findings on the condition of the European Public Sphere and European Citizenship; that is, it will include Eurosphere’s outputs about key European actors’ notions of European diversity, their different political visions about Europe, and how they envision a European Public Sphere to be.

The Knowledgebase will make publicly available, among others, institutional data on selected political parties, social movements, citizens’ initiatives, think tanks, and media actors in 16 European countries; data from interviews with organizational and opinion leaders as well as internal opposition leaders of these organizations; Eurosphere’s working paper series containing analyses of these data; information about and links to other relevant data sources and publications, and an online data registration system.

In other words, the Knowledgebase will be the main gateway for the Eurosphere findings which will be disseminated over the internet.

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