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The data that are now being collected in EUROSPHERE will be made available in full on this site one year after the data collection and registration activities are concluded. The dataset will include information about key European actors’ notions of European diversity, their different political visions about Europe, and how they envision a European Public Sphere. The following parts of the data will be made publicly available:

  • structured institutional data on selected political parties, social movement / non-governmental organizations (SMOs/NGOs), think tanks, and media actors in 16 European countries
  • structured data from interviews with organizational and opinion leaders as well as internal opposition leaders of these organizations in 16 European countries
  • quantitative media content data from analysis of news stories by newspapers and broadcasters in 16 European countries

At the moment, the Eurosphere Consortium has finished more than 85% of its planned data collection, but registered only the media content data. Registration of institutional and elite-interview data is still underway.

The Eurosphere Knowledgebase offers possibilities to view and download (in several formats) all the data collected in Eurosphere as well as some basic analysis functions like regression, cross-tabulations, and graphs. The complete database will be available for external viewers in March 2010. According to present plans, full analysis and downloading functions for external users will be activated in March 2011.

The following link presents the Online Data Viewing, Downloading, and Data Analysis Interface for external users. An overview of the collected quantitative media data in raw form, that is, before data cleaning, is now available. However, at this stage, these data should only be used for viewing purposes because they haven’t been prepared for analysis yet. Any reference or use of Eurospphere Data requires the explicit, written permission of the Eurosphere Consortium (contact:


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