NSD Data Sources

NSD, Norwegian Social Science Data Sciences, is one of the largest archives for research data of its kind and provides data to researchers and students in Norway and abroad. Additionally, NSD is a resource centre, which assists researchers with regard to data gathering, data analysis, and issues of methodology, privacy and research ethics.” For more, please click here.

The MacroDataGuide

“The MacroDataGuide is an accommodating starting point for researchers and students looking for data on the environment in which individuals reside and behave. The guide will jump-start your data search by providing you with an overview of extant data sources as well as instant insight to their their quality and comparability.” For more, please click here.


“CivicActivate’s Elections and referendums in Europe website provides an on-line database of aggregated election statistics from European Parliament elections; national parliamentary and presidential elections as well as EU related referendums held in EU member countries during the period 1990-2007.” For more, please click here.

For the country pages at CivicActive, please click here.

The European Social Survey (ESS)

“The European Social Survey (the ESS) is a biennial multi-country survey covering over 30 nations. The first round was fielded in 2002/2003, the second in 2004/2005 and the third in 2006/2007.” For more, please click here.

New report:

Contextual data for the European Social Survey – An overview and assessmentof extant sources
by Lars Tore Rydland, Sveinung Arnesen and Åse Gilje Østensen.

This report is a deliverable in the project “ESS Infrastructures: Improving Social Measurement in Europe” and it “examines the availability and comparability of extant sources of contextual statistics that may be of interest to users of ESS data”. For more, please click here.


“A common denominator of all Eurobarometers is firstly the measurement of the public support for the integration activities and the institutions of the European Community/Union. Secondly the barometers measure the people’s subjective assessments concerning quality of life questions. In addition to the core questions, each barometer does as a general rule focus on one or a few specific topics of political or scientific interest.” For more, please click here.

Eurobarometer studies per country – click here
Eurobarometer studies per topic – click here

“The qualitative studies investigate in-depth the motivations, the feelings, the reactions of selected social groups towards a given subject or concept, by listening and analysing their way of expressing themselves in discussion groups or with non-directive interviews. ” For Eurobarameter Surveys on Qualitative Studies, please click here.

Council of European Social Science Data Archives

“The CESSDA Portal is a gateway to many kinds of research data and metadata, including sociological surveys, election studies, longitudinal studies, opinion polls, and census data. Among the materials are international and European data such as the European Social Survey, the Eurobarometers, and the International Social Survey Programme. Users are able to locate datasets, as well as questions or variables within datasets, stored at CESSDA member archives throughout Europe.” For more, please click here.

“A free text search can be performed on all areas of the metadata by entering a search term or phrase in the search box at the top left hand side. Where the search terms match a concept in the multi-lingual thesaurus (ELSST), the search will be performed in all languages supported in ELSST, reflected by the national flags displayed at the top of the page.” For more about data portal, please click here.


“NESSIE, the Network of Economic and Social Science Infrastructures in Europe, is a cooperation network of four major European social science research centres. It was launched in 2001, with the aim of addressing some of the barriers that exist within Europe to and European comparative research. For more, please click here.

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