Political Parties

Eurosphere has links with several policy political parties in 16 European countries. In addition, we are also collaborating with some European party federations that bring many European political parties under a collaborative umbrella at the European level.

So far, our collaboration with these organizations has been in the form of interviews with people in leading positions. Data from these in-depth interviews play a critical part in the EUROSPHERE research. It is, however, also an important goal for the project to demonstrate the project’s usefulness to its participants. In order to maintain this two-way collaboration they are invited to our Euroforums and conferences to take place in Brussels in 2010 and 2011.

FPÖ, Freedom Party of Austria
Die Grünen, Austrian Green Party
SPÖ, Social Democratic Party of Austria

CDH, Humanist Democratic Centre
MR, Reformist Movement
PS, Socialist Party

Political Party ATAKA
BSP, Bulgarian Socialist Party
DPS, Movement for Rights and Freedoms
GERB, Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria

Czech Republic
CSSD, Czech Social Democratic Party
KSCM, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
ODS, Civic Democratic Party

Dansk Folkeparti, Danish People’s Party
Socialdemokraterne, Social Democrats
Socialistisk Folkeparti, Socialist People’s Party
Venstre, Liberal Party of Denmark

Eesti Reformierakond, Estonian Reform Party
EIP, Estonian Independence Party
SDE, Social Democratic Party

Keskusta, The Centre Party of Finland
Perussuomalaiset, The True Finns
SDP, The Finnish Social Democratic Party
SPF, The Swedish People’s Party

PS, Socialist Party
UMP, Union for a Popular Movement

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Alliance ‘90/The Greens
CDU/CSU, Christian Democratic Union of Germany
SPD, Social Democratic Party of Germany

FIDESZ, Hungarian Civic Union
MKMP, Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party,
MSZP, Hungarian Socialist Party

Lega Nord, North League
PD, Democratic Party
Il Popolo Della Liberta, The People of Freedom

CDA, Christian Democratic Appeal
GroenLinks, Green Left
PvdA, Dutch Labour Party
SP, Socialist Party
VVD, People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
ToN, Proud of the Netherlands
Frysk Nasjonale Partij, Frisian National Party

DNA, The Norwegian Labour Party
FRP, Progress Party
Høyre, Conservative Party of Norway
SP, Centre Party

CiU, Convergence and Union
Izquierda Unida, United Left
PP, People’s Party
PSOE, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party

AKP, Justice and Development Party
CHP, Republican People’s Party
DTP, Democratic Society Party

Conservative Party
Labour Party
Plaid Cymru

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