Social Movements

Eurosphere has links with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other civil society initiatives in 16 European countries. In addition, we are also collaborating with some trans-European NGO networks that bring many European civil society organizations under a collaborative umbrella at the European level.

So far, our collaboration with these organizations has been in the form of interviews with people in leading positions. Data from these in-depth interviews play a critical part in the EUROSPHERE research. It is, however, also an important goal for the project to demonstrate the project’s usefulness to its participants. In order to maintain this two-way collaboration they are invited to our Euroforums and conferences to take place in Brussels in 2010 and 2011.

Armutskonferenz, Austrian Poverty Conference
Ehe ohne Grenzen, Marriage without Borders
Österreichische Liga für Menschenrechte, The Austrian League for Human Rights
Mosche Ade, Anti-Mosque Initiative

ATTAC, Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens
ENAR, European Network Against Racism
MRAX, Movement against Racism, anti-Semitism and Xenofobia

BNA, Bulgarian National Alliance
Shalom, Organisation of the Jews in Bulgaria
WAD, Women’s Alliance for Development

Czech Republic
Ano pro Evropu, Yes for Europe
Muzeum romske kultury, Museum of Roma culture
Vlastenecká fronta, the Patriotic Front
NROS, Foundation for Development of Civil Society

Danmarks Sociale Forum, Danish Social Forum
Kvinderådet, Women’s Council
Demokratiske Muslimer, Democratic Muslims

Eesti Euroopa Liikumine, European Movement Estonia
EMSL, Network of Estonian Non-profit organisations
Terve mõistuse sündikaat, Syndicate of Common Sense

ENAR Finland, European Network Against Racism Finland,
Fintiko Romano Forum, Romano Forum Finland
FARO, Finnish Association of Russian Speaking Organisations
Red Cross Finland
Suoma Sámiid Guovddášsearvi, Saami Association of Finland
Suomalaisuuden liitto, Association of Finnish Culture and Identity
FMN, Free Mobility Network

FASTI, Federation of Associations for Solidarity with Immigrant Workers
Ni Putes, Ni Soumises, Movement Neither Whores Nor Submissives

BdV, Federation of Expellees
Bürgerbewegung pro Köln, Cologne Citizen’s Movement
TGD, Turkish Community in Germany
ZMD, Central Council of Muslims in Germany

MCF Roma Összefogás Párt, MCF Roma Alliance
NaNe, Women for Women together against Violence

ACLI, Christian Association of Italian Workers
ARCI, Association of Social Promotion
CGIL, General Confederation of Labor,
CISL, Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy
Forza Nuova, New Force
Movimento Federalista Europeo, European Federalist Movement

Argan, Moroccan Youth Group
CIDI, Centre Information and Documentation on Israel
Een Ander Joods Geluid, A Different Jewish Voice
FION, Federation of Islamic Organisations in the Netherlands
Hak-Der, Federation of the Alevite Community in the Netherlands
Milli Görüs, The National Vision
Roma Emancipatie, Roma Emancipation
UMMAO, the Union of Maroccan Mosques in Amsterdam
VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Refugees The Netherlands
TICF, Turkish Moslem movement

Antirasistisk senter, The Antiracist Centre
Europabevegelsen, The European Movement
Nei til EU, No to EU

Bermejales 2000
CONADEEN, Coordinated Committee of Ecuadorians in Spain
REDI, National Network for Immigrant Rights

ABF, Alevi Federation
KADER, The Association for Supporting and Training Women Candidates
KA-MER, KA-MER Women Foundation
TMMOB, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects
SETA, Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research

The European Anti-Poverty Network
The Freedom Association
No Borders Network

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