Trans-European Networks

Eurosphere has links with some trans-European networks of organizations which bring together a range of European political parties, policy research institutes / think tanks and social movement and non-governmental organizations under a collaborative umbrella at the European level. A critical part of the Eurosphere project is to improve These are of a particular interest for the project. Our collaboration with these transeuropean networks has hitherto comprised consultations in the form of interviews with people in leading positions, and we have plans for extending this collaboration by inviting them to our Euroforums and conferences to take place in Brussels in 2010 and 2011.

European Party Federations
EPP, European People’s Party
PES, Party of European Socialists
UEN, Union for Europe of Nations

European Networks of Civil Society Organizations
ENAR, European Network Against Racism
EWL, The European Women’s Lobby
SOCIAL PLATFORM, Platform of European Social NGOs

European Networks of Policy Research Institutes / Think Tanks
EPIN, European Policy Institutes Network
TEPSA, Trans-European Policy Studies Association

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